Piero Balleri

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BACKGROUND Membrane elevation in combination with implant placement without biomaterials is a rather new technique proposed for sinus lifting. PURPOSE This study assessed the clinical outcome of such technique during the first year of loading. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen patients with a mean residual bone height of 6.2 mm were consecutively recruited(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of resonance frequency analysis (RFA) as a commercially available technique has made it possible to measure implant stability in implant stability quotient (ISQ) units at any time during the course of implant treatment and loading. However, no information on normal ISQ levels can be found in the literature. PURPOSE The aim of(More)
A new entity called "implant periapical lesion" has recently been described. This lesion could be the result of, for example, bone overheating, implant overloading, presence of a preexisting infection or residual root fragments and foreign bodies in the bone, contamination of the implant, or implant placement in an infected maxillary sinus. This case report(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed at assessing the clinical outcome of narrow diameter implants in the treatment of knife-edge edentulous maxillas of adequate bone height but inadequate width (class IV of Cawood and Howell). MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve consecutive patients (eight women and four men, mean age 58 years) with class IV atrophic edentulous maxillas(More)
AIM To analyse the shaping ability of two new NiTi rotary systems in molar curved canals. METHODOLOGY Thirty molar root canals with curvatures from 24 degrees to 69 degrees were divided into two groups that were balanced in terms of curvature. The canals in one group were shaped using the Mtwo (Sweden & Martina, Padova, Italy) and the canals in the other(More)
The purpose of this study using a scanning electron microscope was to investigate the efficacy of four different irrigation techniques after canal preparation with Profile Ni-Ti rotary instruments. A modified technique for the use of Glyde File Prep is proposed. Forty anterior teeth were divided into four groups, instrumented, and irrigated as follows:(More)
The etched porcelain laminate veneer is a new conservative treatment that offers a solution to fractured, discolored, and worn anterior teeth. Preparation of enamel should be 0.5 mm to give minimal porcelain thickness and to avoid an overcontoured restoration. At the same time, dentinal exposure is contraindicated, because resin bonds better with enamel(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the present study was to evaluate differences in the ultimate fracture resistance of titanium and zirconia abutments. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty titanium fixtures were embedded in 20 resin mandible section simulators to mimic osseointegrated implants in the premolar area. The embedded implants were then randomly divided into two(More)
BACKGROUND Resonance frequency (RF) analysis is frequently used to monitor implant stability in patients. The influence of transducer orientation on RF of implants placed in jawbone has not been evaluated. PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate to what extent transducer orientation influences RF. The second aim was to evaluate if measurements taken(More)
This study evaluated the surface of different types of fiber posts after cutting and investigated whether different cutting procedures can affect the integrity of the posts. Six types of fiber posts were selected for this study (Carbon Fiber Posts, Quartz Fiber Posts, Aesthetic Posts, Aesthetic Plus Posts, Translucent Posts, Dentatus, FRC Postec Posts).(More)