Pierluigi Toma

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OBJECTIVE To compare magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), conventional radiography, and ultrasonography in identifying bone erosions in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), and to determine the validity and reliability of an MRI scale in detecting and grading joint damage. METHODS In 26 JIA patients, the clinically more affected wrist was(More)
A 14-yr-old White male was referred to the Urology Unit of the G. Gaslini Institute because of a post-traumatic urethral stenosis (arising from a bicycle accident) that, during the previous 18 months, had required repeated endoscopic urethral dilation manoeuvres at the patient9s local hospital. Apart from the urethral stenosis, the patient had been in(More)
The concurrence of gelastic (laughing) seizures, hypothalamic hamartoma and precocious puberty constitutes a well defined epileptic syndrome in children; moreover mental retardation, neuropsychological deterioration and behavioral disorders have been often observed in these patients. In two cases we studied by means of MRI the appearance and the site of the(More)
A 24-yr-old Caucasian female was evaluated in May, 2003 at the San Martino hospital, Genoa, Italy, for the presence of ''sudden onset'' chest pain and nonproductive cough. Past medical history was only characterised by the presence of frequent headaches. The patient had been playing competitive tennis from the age of 6–20 yrs and, after retirement from(More)
Objective To evaluate the capability and reliability of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) in the assessment of disease activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Methods In 22 JIA patients 12 wrists and 10 hips were studied with DCE-MRI. A 3D FFE Dynamic sequence was acquired after contrast injection. Two readers(More)
The present research is aimed at establishing how farmers can be encouraged to adopt irrigation water saving measures. By developing and implementing an extended version of the well-known Theory of Planned Behavior, we considered farmers' propensity to adopt innovations and their water footprints. In a sample of 150 Italian farmers, we found that favorable(More)
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