Pierluigi Miraglia

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Project Halo is a multistaged effort, sponsored by Vulcan Inc, aimed at creating Digital Aristo-tle, an application that will encompass much of the world's scientific knowledge and be capable of applying sophisticated problem solving to answer novel questions. Vulcan envisions two primary roles for Digital Aristotle: as a tutor to instruct students in the(More)
Cycorp has developed a knowledge acquisition system, based on Cyc, that can engage a user in a natural-language mixed-initiative dialogue. In order to achieve a intelligent dialogue with the user, it employs explicit topic-and user-modeling, a system of prioritized interactions, and a transparent agenda to which either the user or the system can add(More)
The Halo Pilot, a six-month effort to evaluate the state-of-the-art in applied Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) systems, collaboratively developed a taxonomy of failures with the goal of creating a common framework of metrics against which we could measure inter-and intra-system failure characteristics of each of the three Halo knowledge(More)
Eliciting complex logical rules directly from logic-naive subject matter experts (SMEs) is a challenging knowledge capture task. We describe a large-scale experiment to evaluate tools designed to produce SME-authored rule bases. We assess the quality of the rule bases with respect to the: 1) performance on the addressed functional task (military course of(More)
The KRAKEN toolset is a comprehensive interface for knowledge acquisition that operates in conjunction with the Cyc knowledge base. The KRAKEN system is designed to allow subject-matter experts to make meaningful additions to an existing knowledge base, without the benefit of training in the areas of artificial intelligence, ontology development, or logical(More)
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