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The Datacrossing DSS (http://datacrossing.crs4.it) is a basin-scale groundwater model that relies on a geographically distributed GIS to support decision makers, through a user-friendly Web interface, in the field of sustainable water resources management. The portal, for the general user, exposes hydrological applications based on complex models that make(More)
Different scenarios based on environmental changes and water quality models could be used to assess the sustainability and vulnerability of a particular geographical region. The gSWAT and BASHYT platforms provide services and tools supporting the calibration, execution and visualization of the SWAT models. The paper presents the experiments on the execution(More)
This paper highlights the main functionalities, tools and applications provided by the BSC-OS portal, developed through the enviroGRIDS project. The presentation highlights the main issues of interoperability between geospatial and grid infrastructures, and between different platforms supporting the Earth Science oriented tools and applications. Other(More)
Scientific portals are key components of many large-scale Earth Science projects. Through the integration of user-friendly web interfaces within the same environment, researchers and scientists can securely and transparently access to data and computational infrastructures, services, applications, etc. Such web environments provide centric gateways to(More)
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