Pierluigi Cau

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Important objectives of the four-year enviroGRIDS project encompass the improvement of transnational cooperation, the use of state of the art Information and Communication Technologies for data analysis and sharing and the application of environmental models for monitoring present and predicting future states of the environment for the Black Sea region. In(More)
Quantifying the impact of land use on water supply and quality is a primary focus of environmental management. In this work we apply a semidistributed hydrological model (SWAT) to predict the impact of different land management practices on water and agricultural chemical yield for a study site situated in the Arborea region of central Sardinia, 5 Italy.(More)
The Datacrossing DSS (http://datacrossing.crs4.it) is a basin-scale groundwater model that relies on a geographically distributed GIS to support decision makers, through a user-friendly Web interface, in the field of sustainable water resources management. The portal, for the general user, exposes hydrological applications based on complex models that make(More)
This paper highlights the main functionalities, tools and applications provided by the BSC-OS portal, developed through the enviroGRIDS project. The presentation highlights the main issues of interoperability between geospatial and grid infrastructures, and between different platforms supporting the Earth Science oriented tools and applications. Other(More)
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  • Journal of microscopy
  • 1988
Two different mathematical procedures to compute source densities from cross-fire matrices in quantitative EM autoradiography are reported. BASIC programs for a desk-top microcomputer were written to fit the hypothetical silver grain distribution to the observed real silver grain distribution using a non-iterative linear process (least-squares procedure)(More)
Different scenarios based on environmental changes and water quality models could be used to assess the sustainability and vulnerability of a particular geographical region. The gSWAT and BASHYT platforms provide services and tools supporting the calibration, execution and visualization of the SWAT models. The paper presents the experiments on the execution(More)
The study site covers an area of 273 km in the Oristano plain on the western coast of central Sardinia (Italy). In the coastal area, since 1950, intensive agriculture and subsequent urbanization have resulted in overexploitation of the aquifer system and significant deterioration of groundwater quality due to seawater encroachment. The groundwater basin,(More)
The structural features of the human foetal tongue have been studied in foetuses from 8th to 20th week of pregnancy. The characteristics of the developing papillae as well as of epithelial and mesenchymal layers have been pointed out. An early differentiation of the mesenchymal tissue has been observed, concerning phenomena of cellular condensation and(More)
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