Pierluigi Castellone

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Simultaneous EEG-fMRI allows the excellent temporal resolution of EEG to be combined with the high spatial accuracy of fMRI. The data from these two modalities can be combined in a number of ways, but all rely on the acquisition of high quality EEG and fMRI data. EEG data acquired during simultaneous fMRI are affected by several artifacts, including the(More)
Cross-neuron-interval histogram (CNIH) analysis has been performed in order to study correlated activity and connectivity between pairs of neurons in a spontaneously active developing cultured network of rat cortical cells. Thirty-eight histograms could be analyzed using two parameters, one for the shape and one for the average number per interval bin. The(More)
Given the galvanically isolated, non-magnetic and completely RF-proof design of the BrainAmp MR, this amp will probably work directly in ever y imager bore if boundar y conditions (meaningful Tx coil configuration, GRE-EPI) are met. This has been empirically proved and is no longer in question. If the EEG cap is properly mounted and the imager gradient(More)
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