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retention time. At the evaluated concentration of 5000 ␮g/L, prednisolone produced a signal equivalent to 20 ␮g/L cortisol, representing a 0.4% interference. Fenofi-brate generated parent ions at m/z 361 and 363 in an abundance ratio of 3:1, a distinctive pattern related to the presence of chlorine in the chemical composition. In MS/MS mode, fenofibrate(More)
Fetal death in the mid-trimester of pregnancy is unexplained and no reliable markers are available to identify at-risk women. We aimed to assess use of alpha fetoprotein and S100B concentrations in amniotic fluid as markers. We did a case-control study in 758 healthy women undergoing amniocentesis at mid-gestation, of whom 12 had a spontaneous intrauterine(More)
Comparison of three different plasma homocysteine assays with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Perinatal infections such as bacterial meningitis (BM) are one of the major factors associated with perinatal brain damage (1– 4). Despite accurate monitoring, the early stages of meningitis are crucial because brain damage may occur at a subclinical stage(More)
Little is known about the effect on the human foetus of long-term and acute exposure to caffeine. We studied the organisation of foetal sleep-wake states in 13 healthy near-term foetuses over a wide range of maternal plasma caffeine concentrations (0-13 μg/mL) reflecting normal lifestyle conditions (day 0) and again following intake of two cups of regular(More)
and 3 were homozygous for both HbA and nonE ; individuals 4, 5, and 6 were HbA/S heterozygotes and homozygous for nonE ; individuals 7, 8, and 9 were homozygous for both HbS and nonE ; and individuals 10, 11, and 12 were HbA homozygotes and non-E/HbE heterozygotes. These data also demonstrate an additional advantage of this multiplexed fluorescent bead(More)
The effects of a single course of antenatal betamethasone on S100B protein concentration were investigated in Fisher 344 rats. On day 20 of gestation, pregnant rats were injected twice 8 h apart with either (1) 170 microg kg(-1) body weight betamethasone ("clinically-equivalent dose", equivalent to 12 mg twice, 24 h apart in humans), (2) half of this dose(More)
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