Pierluigi Botti

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The aim of this study was to improve the knowledge of the time of appearance of dental germs and their morphological development until birth in bovine fetuses. Skulls and isolated mandibles of 35 Simmenthal bovine fetuses, of both sexes and ages from 97 to 280 days old were examined. The radiographic examination was performed with high definition and(More)
An established anterior cruciate ligament deficiency-induced articular cartilage degeneration was used to evaluate the effects of intrasynovial injection of hyaluronic acid upon cartilage destruction. In this study, proteoglycan solubility under associative and dissociative conditions was compared in two treatment protocols at intervals of seven, 13, and 17(More)
We present results from analysis of a first set of Envisat ASAR images acquired in 2003-2004 over the Campidano region of Sardinia, Italy. The dataset includes 7 vertically polarized images (ASA_IMP_1P products) for the period Mar-Jun 2003 and 12 alternating polarization (HH and VV) images (ASA_APP_1P products) for Feb-Jul 2004, at two swaths (IS1, with(More)
The effect of pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) on bone repair was studied in principal metacarpal bones of eight adult male horses: Six horses were treated with PEMFs, and two horses were untreated. In treated horses, Helmholtz coils were applied during a 60-day period to the left metacarpal bones, bored with eight holes of equal diameter and depth,(More)
The case of a young addict woman, chronically treated with Clonidine, in whom an overdose of the drug determined transient S-A and A-V conduction disturbances is reported. Such effects have been attributed to vagal hyperactivity and must be kept in mind when the drug is administered to patient of old age, with cardiac disease, or in association with(More)
112 consecutive asymptomatic patients who assumed alcohol in excess (1-2 g/kg/die) for 5 years or more were admitted to our hospital for detoxication. They were examined both clinically and with chest x-rays, ecg, phonocardiography, external pulse recording, and M-mode/2-D echocardiography to detect myocardial involvement. Heart disease not related to(More)
A group of 122 drug addict patients were studied to evaluate the incidence of HIV, HBV, HCV infections and of laboratory findings of hepatic damage. Our data show that hepatic damage is more frequent in patients affected by HBV-HCV coinfection than those with HBV or HCV infection alone and that HIV positivity supports HBV-HCV coinfection.
The research was carried out in order to study the osteogenesis of skull bones in bovine fetuses. A total of 24 fetuses were considered. The age of specimens ranged from 52 to 212 days. After silver-nitrate impregnation of the skulls, the specimens were examined radiologically using latero-lateral, latero-medial, and dorso-ventral projections.
Serum immunoreactive trypsin (IRT) under basal conditions and after pancreatic stimulation with secretin was studied in 10 patients with type IV hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) and in 10 control subjects. No significant difference was observed between basal values of the two groups (p = NS). The increase of serum IRT was already significant 5 minutes after(More)