Piergiorgio Rabitti

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BACKGROUND A prospective, randomized Phase III trial was performed to determine whether, compared with gemcitabine (GEM) alone, the addition of cisplatin (CDDP) to GEM was able to improve the time to disease progression and the clinical benefit rate in patients with advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The objective response rate, overall survival rate, and(More)
Giuseppe Colucci, M.D. Francesco Giuliani, M.D. Vittorio Gebbia, M.D., Ph.D. Maria Biglietto, M.D. Piergiorgio Rabitti, M.D. Generoso Uomo, M.D. Silvio Cigolari, M.D. Antonio Testa, M.D. Evaristo Maiello, M.D. Massimo Lopez, M.D. 1 Medical and Experimental Oncology Unit, Oncology Institute, Bari, Italy. 2 Medical Oncology Unit, La Maddalena Oncological(More)
Epidemiological studies on pancreaticpseudocysts are retrospective analyses on alcoholicpatients. The aims of this study were to investigate theincidence, natural history, and predictors of theappearance and disappearance of pancreatic fluidcollections and pseudocysts after nonalcoholic acutepancreatitis. We carried out a prospective cohort studyin a series(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES After the notification by a general practitioner of a high frequency of soft tissue sarcomas among subjects living close to the industrial area of the city of Mantua (northern Italy), the local Medical Association carried out a formal epidemiologic investigation to corroborate or falsify the hypothesized excess. Several industrial(More)
This Position Paper contains clinically oriented guidelines by the Italian Association for the Study of the Pancreas (AISP) for the diagnosis and treatment of severe acute pancreatitis. The statements were formulated by three working groups of experts who searched and analysed the most recent literature; a consensus process was then performed using a(More)
BACKGROUND Clostridium difficile (CD) is a leading cause of diarrhoea among hospitalized patients. The objective of this study was to evaluate the rate, the optimal diagnostic work-up, and outcome of CD infections (CDI) in Internal Medicine (IM) wards in Italy. METHODS PRACTICE is an observational prospective study, involving 40 IM Units and evaluating(More)
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