Pierfrancesco Maria Balducci

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BACKGROUND Mood disorders (MD) show higher prevalence among psychiatric disorders. As a matter of fact 10% of inpatients in non psychiatric health care structures are affected by MD. A consultation-liaison service bridges the gap between psychiatric and other medical disciplines and increases the cooperation in the context of care, improving the diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVES Early-course psychotic disorders have been extensively studied in terms of phenomenology, but little is known about the influence of personality traits on clinical features of first-episode psychosis. The aim of this study was to explore how the "big five" personality domains (neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and(More)
This is the first cross-language study of the effect of schizophrenia on speech as measured by analyzing phonetic parameters with sound spectrography. We hypothesized that reduced variability in pitch and formants would be correlated with negative symptom severity in two samples of patients with schizophrenia, one from Italy, and one from the United States.(More)
RIASSUNTO. La folie à deux (FAD) è una condizione clinica osservata per la prima volta nella storia da Lasègue e Falret nel XIX secolo. Descrissero una rara circostanza nella quale due o più persone si ritrovarono a condividere idee deliranti gli uni dagli altri. Oggigiorno tracce di questa diagnosi del passato e del suo substrato psicopatologico si(More)
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