Pierfrancesco Fusaro

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The reliability of process assessments has received some study in the recent past, much of it being conducted within the context of the SPICE trials. In this paper we build upon this work by evaluating the reliability of ratings on each of the practices that make up the SPICE capability dimension. The type of reliability that we evaluate is interrater(More)
This paper presents the results of an empirical evaluation of the reliability of two commonly used assessment instruments: the 1987 SEI Maturity Questionnaire and the SPICE v1 capability dimension. The type of reliability that was evaluated is internal consistency. A study of the internal consistency of the 1987 questionnaire was only briefly mentioned in a(More)
This paper presents the independent replication of a controlled experiment which compared three defect detection techniques (Ad Hoc, Checklist, and Defect-based Scenario) for software requirements inspections, and evaluated the benefits of collection meetings after individual reviews. The results of our replication were partially different from those of the(More)
Software processes require continuous innovations to improve their quality and increase their maturity. Integrating process components, proposed in previous published works, to improve a process requires the formalisation of their informal description. This requirement stems from the need to understand and evaluate how adequate the process components are to(More)
From last three decades various tools, techniques and methods are developed by researchers. The objective of research is to optimize the error and improve the quality of the software. During development of software, various errors are introduced by the developer at various phases of software development life cycle (SDLC). It is difficult to identify all the(More)
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