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Photoacoustics and high frequency ultrasound stands out as powerful tools for neurobiological applications enabling high-resolution imaging on the central nervous system of small animals. However, transdermal and transcranial neuroimaging is frequently affected by low sensitivity, image aberrations and loss of space resolution, requiring scalp or even skull(More)
The development of nanomedicines in cancer therapy is constantly growing because of the advantages associated with the use of nanosized drug delivery systems. Among them, the possibility of accurate spatiotemporal control of the release of the chemotherapeutic from the carrier is one of the most interesting and clinically relevant. To further improve the(More)
Migraine is a neurological disorder that correlates with an increased risk of cerebrovascular lesions. Genetic mutations of the MTHFR gene are correlated to migraine and to the increased risk of artery pathologies. Also, migraine patients show altered hematochemical parameters, linked to an impaired platelet aggregation mechanism. Hence, the vascular(More)
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