Piera Biolino

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CONTEXT Hypoxemia complicates the recovery of 30% to 50% of patients after abdominal surgery; endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation may be required in 8% to 10% of cases, increasing morbidity and mortality and prolonging intensive care unit and hospital stay. OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of continuous positive airway pressure(More)
To evaluate pressure control ventilation (PCV) delivered through a minit-racheotomy in treating severe flail chest trauma. Case report. Intensive care unit of a trauma center. A 34-year-old woman affected by flail chest trauma and acute respiratory failure, who was initially treated with tracheal intubation to obtain internal pneumatic stabilization. The(More)
BACKGROUND In high-risk bleeding conditions conventional systemic anticoagulation with heparin is a contraindication to renal replacement therapy. We evaluate the feasibility and safety of regional citrate anticoagulation in high-risk bleeding conditions during coupled plasma filtration adsorption (CPFA). METHODS Thirteen critically ill patients (9(More)
The physiopathological characteristics of senescence justify unremitting research into anaesthesiological techniques that increase the anaesthesia safety margin in the elderly. Althesin has been studied in 100 over-70s who underwent traumatological surgery. The drug was used in 10% solution administered by continuous drop by drop venous perfusion, for(More)
Objective. To compare the efficacy of pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) delivered through a conventional endotracheal tube with the same ventilatory mode using a small-size tube with the cuff left deflated (translaryngeal open ventilation: TLOV). Setting. A medical-surgical intensive care unit (ICU). Design. Prospective physiological study. Patients.(More)
Althesin was used in 65 patients with heart diseases undergoing orthopedic surgery, alone or in association with neuroleptanalgesic drugs. Patients were classified according to four types of heart diseases: atrial fibrillation in older patients (41.53%), disorders of cardiac rhythm (23.07%), valvular diseases (9.23%), ischemic heart disease (26.15%) and(More)
?ulmo~~1 ~ap1ration of gastric aetter is a serious complicn~ion that occur during anaesthetic induction in pa tients subl2li tted 'to entergency surger,.. with lIf'ull stomach": The severity of it depends 00 the yollJnle and pH of t.he vaa-, pirated ~luid. The mortalit1 rate is ~. N~erous techniques haY~ been described dealing to avoid this. comp j t ca t(More)
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