Pier Luigi Rolandi

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This paper describes a digital signal processor based on a multi-context, dynamically reconfigurable datapath, suitable for inclusion as an IP-block in complex SoC design projects. The IP was realized in CMOS 090 nm technology. The most relevant features offered by the proposed architecture with respect to state of the art are zero over head for switching(More)
An AC-coupled 3D memory interface for chip-to-chip communication is implemented in 90nm CMOS technology. It transfers 128 bit words between stacked SRAMs in an ARM-based System on Chip (SoC) platform at 250MHz. This interface requires 0.05mm<sup>2</sup> of occupation area and achieves a 32Gbit/sec of throughput and an average energy consumption of(More)
Capacitive interconnections are very promising structures for high-speed and low-power signaling in 3D packages. Since the performance of AC links, in terms of Band-Width and Bit-Error-Rate (BER), depends on assembly and synchronization accuracy we performed a statistical analysis of assembly procedures and communication circuits. In this paper we present a(More)
High-density digital storage techniques for floating gate devices (>8 levels) require the use of feedback in the programming loop (pulse and verify method) and substantially different reading and programming circuitry from conventional memory devices. Several prototypes have been previously reported that store 4 levels per device (2b) while maintaining(More)
A 1GOPS dynamically reconfigurable processing unit with embedded Flash memory and SRAM-based FPGA targets image-voice processing and recognition applications. Code, data and FPGA bitstreams are stored in the embedded Flash memory and are independently accessible through 3 content-specific, 64-bit I/O ports with a peak read rate of 1.2GB/s. The system is(More)
Signal propagation delay and leakage power dissipation of FPGAs mainly depend on the routing architecture. In this paper we propose solutions; adopted in an embedded FPGA developed both in 90nm and 65nm STM technology, which minimize the subthreshold current of the switch and connection blocks. Our approach leads to a reduction of more than one order of(More)
This paper presents a novel CMOS current source suitable for low voltage applications. The new design shows better compliance voltage than the simple two transistor current mirror while offering improved accuracy and output impedance, featuring 140KR output resistance at an output voltage of 30mV and output Current of 30pA. The circuit has been manufactured(More)
A 3D interconnection scheme based on capacitive coupling for high speed chip to chip communication has been implemented in a 0.13 mum CMOS process. This paper provides detailed design example for both synchronous and asynchronous transmitter and receiver circuits. The first approach shows with electrodes 15 times 15 mum<sup>2</sup> a wide range of operating(More)