Pier Luigi Pau

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Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones score roughly the same, meaning that banks invest in these two platforms virtually with the same degree of interest. There is a moderate degree of investment toward Windows Phone, whereas support for the BlackBerry platform is low. In this study, the maturity of existing services offered through mobile channels by(More)
There are different types of information systems, such as those that perform group recommendations and market segmentations, which operate with groups of users. In order to combine the individual preferences and properly address suggestions to users, group modeling strategies are employed. Nowadays, data is characterized by large amounts in terms of volume,(More)
In response to the limited success of isolated nature protection areas as a way to protect endangered habitats and species as well as biodiversity, there has been a policy shift toward the implementation of ecological networks, in Europe and in the rest of the world. Network behavior can be an emerging feature due to the natural configuration of habitat(More)
Nowadays energy issues are no longer negligible. Primary sources, used every day for our livelihood, will not last forever and we'll have to face this problem. Even renewable energies, always considered as part of the solution, are not stable enough to substitute or significantly integrate our traditional system. Smart grid researchers try to face these(More)