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—People Tracking in multiple cameras is of great interest for wide area video surveillance systems. Multi-camera tracking with non-overlapping fields of view (FOV) involves the tracking of people in the blind region and their correspondence matching across cameras. We consider these problems in this paper. We propose a multi camera architecture for wide(More)
—In this work we investigate on the feasibility of multiple camera system for automatic offside detection. We propose six fixed cameras, properly placed on the two sides of the soccer field (three for each side) to reduce perspective and occlusion errors. The images acquired by the synchronized cameras are processed to detect the players position and the(More)
—Rail inspection is a very important task in railway maintenance and it is periodically needed for preventing dangerous situations. Inspection is operated manually by trained human operator walking along the track searching for visual anomalies. This monitoring is unacceptable for slowness and lack of objectivity, because the results are related to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) plus clomethiazole in patients with acute ischemic stroke and determine the feasibility of combination stroke therapy. BACKGROUND Clomethiazole is a neuroprotectant that appeared to improve outcome in patients with clinical deficits of a major stroke (total anterior circulation(More)
In the last decade, several research efforts have been undertaken in soccer video analysis. This increasing interest is motivated by the possible applications over a wide spectrum of topics: indexing, summarization, video enhancement, team and players statistics, tactic analysis, referee's support, etc. Soccer video analysis requires different challenging(More)
— In this paper we present a multi-people-tracking algorithm which is able to detect and track humans in complex situations with varying light conditions, high frame rate, and real time processing. We propose a stochastic approach for foreground people tracking based on the evaluation of the maximum a pos-teriori probability (MAP). The algorithm evaluates(More)