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Fast and selective oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes or to carboxylic acids and of secondary alcohols to ketones mediated by oxoammonium salts under two-phase conditions
General Oxygenation Procedure. An apparently heterogeneous mixture of an olefin (cyclohexene, 1-pentene, or styrene, 1 g), NaBH, (300 mg, 7.9 mmol), (OEP)RhnxCl (4.0 mg, 6 pmol; [Rh] = 0.6 mM), andExpand
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Gadocoletic Acid Trisodium Salt (B22956/1): A New Blood Pool Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent With Application in Coronary Angiography
Rationale and Objectives:Inversion recovery, three-dimensional, gradient-recalled echo magnetic resonance coronary angiography (IR-3D-GRE-MRCA), performed after administration of an intravascularExpand
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Novel Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Synthesis and Characterization of the Ligand BOPTA and Its Ln(III) Complexes (Ln = Gd, La, Lu). X-ray Structure of Disodium
The syntheses of the ligand BOPTA, (4-carboxy-5,8,1 l-tris(carboxymethyl)-l-pheny1-2-oxa-5,8,1 l-triazatridecan13-oic acid; benic acid) and its Gd(III), La(III), and Lu(1U) complexes are reported.Expand
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Lipophilic cage ligands containing two tightly connected 1,7-dioxa-4,10-diazacyclododecane rings: synthesis and X-ray structure of a sodium perchlorate complex
Sodium perchlorate complexes of lipophilic macrotricyclic receptors were obtained in high yield by following a synthetic route in which sodium cation acts as the templating agent in the last step.Expand
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Mild conversion of primary carboxamides into carboxylic esters
Abstract Primary carboxamides are converted into the corresponding alkyl carboxylates by treatment with dimethylformamide dimethylacetal in the appropriate alcohol at 25–45 °C. Yields are very goodExpand
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Tailed MnIII-tetraarylporphyrins bearing an axial ligand and/or a carboxylic group: self-consistent catalysts for H2O2 or NaOCl alkene epoxidation
MnIII tetraarylporphyrins bearing either a heterocyclic nitrogen base axial ligand or a carboxylic acid group, or both, covalently bonded to the porphyrin through a single flexible chain, have beenExpand
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