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BACKGROUND Modern medicine often clashes with traditional medicine such as Chinese herbal medicine because of the little understanding of the underlying mechanisms of action of the herbs. In an effort to promote integration of both sides and to accelerate the drug discovery from herbal medicines, an efficient systems pharmacology platform that represents(More)
Given the complex nature of cardiovascular disease (CVD), information derived from a systems-level will allow us to fully interrogate features of CVD to better understand disease pathogenesis and to identify new drug targets. Here, we describe a systematic assessment of the multi-layer interactions underlying cardiovascular drugs, targets, genes and(More)
Understanding the relationships between drugs and symptoms has broad medical consequences, yet a comprehensive description of the drug-symptom associations is currently lacking. Here, 1441 FDA-approved drugs were collected, and PCA was used to extract 122 descriptors which explained 91% of the variance. Then, a k-means++ method was employed to partition the(More)
Dynamic control of gene expression is crucial for cellular adaptation to environmental challenges. mRNA secondary structure is known to be associated with mRNA and protein abundance, but little is known about how mRNA secondary structure affects gene expression dynamics. We report a genome-wide computational analysis of mRNA secondary structure, codon(More)
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