Pichai Kaliaperumal Kaviarasan

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206 2. Day C, McCollum EV. Effect of acute dietary zinc deficiency in rat. Proc Exp Biol Med 1940;45:282-7. 3. Saxena N, Sharma RP, Singh VS. A study of serum zinc and copper levels in psoriasis. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 1990;56:216-8. 4. McMillan C, Rowe D. Plasma zinc in psoriasis: Relationship to surface area involvement. Br J Dermatol(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of uncomplicated psoriasis is 1-3% in the general population. Arthritis is found in increased frequency in psoriatic patients and its incidence is estimated to be 5-7%. AIM To assess the prevalence of arthritis in psoriatic patients. METHODS Four hundred and seventy-two psoriatic patients were enrolled in the study out of which(More)
Kindler syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder associated with skin fragility. It is characterized by blistering in infancy, photosensitivity and progressive poikiloderma. The syndrome involves the skin and mucous membrane with radiological changes. The genetic defect has been identified on the short arm of chromosome 20. This report describes an(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory diagnosis of leprosy by slit skin smear and skin biopsy is simple but both techniques have their own limitations. Slit skin smear is negative in paucibacillary cases whereas skin biopsy is an invasive technique. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) from skin lesions in leprosy with subsequent staining with May-Grunwald-Giemsa (MGG)(More)
BACKGROUND The trophic or chronic plantar ulcer of leprosy is one of the principle causes of disability and deformity in the disease and has been given due importance in the evolution of its classification. In view of the diversity of its clinical implications, the World Health Organization was obliged to bring this entity under its remit in order to(More)
Tuberculosis has been a well-known affliction of human kind, since antiquity. Cutaneous tuberculosis constitutes only a small proportion of extra pulmonary tuberculosis and multifocal involvement of cutaneous tuberculosis is an even rarer manifestation. We report one such case of multifocal tuberculosis verrucosa cutis in a 17-year old male patient in the(More)
Dermatophyte infections are common in HIV infected patients and can occur at some point during their illness. They may show clinical variations. The present study was to note the prevalence and clinical variations in dermatophytosis in HIV infected patients. Out of 185 HIV infected patients screened at our hospital, the diagnosis of dermatophytosis was made(More)