Piana Ronald

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of continued drug use and other cofactors on progression to AIDS among HIV-infected injecting drug users. DESIGN A prospective study. SETTING The Muirhouse Medical Group in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. SUBJECTS A total of 156 HIV-infected injecting drug users. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Progression to AIDS and low absolute(More)
In order to assess behaviour changes among intravenous drug users we interviewed 51 IVDUs attending a general practice in Edinburgh. The data obtained was compared with equivalent data gathered in 1986. We were able to show that significant changes in injecting behaviour have occurred and have been maintained over time. A decrease in HIV seroprevalence in(More)
OBJECTIVE To trace, follow up, and interview a group of patients known to be injecting drug users in order to establish current drug taking and other features related to drug use over 10 years. DESIGN Descriptive follow up study of a cohort of injecting drug users established between 1982 and 1985. SETTING General practice based patient population study(More)
We thank the house officers who completed our questionnaire; the clinical tutors and their staff who distributed it; Professors John Anderson and Peter Flute and Drs Trevor Bailey, John Biggs, Hugh Platt, Elizabeth Shore, and Jack Tinker who gave us permission to survey their regions; Julie DeSimon who coordinated the fieldwork; and Dr R C King who inspired(More)
Responsibility for many of the problems of intravenous drug abuse and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection lies with community care agencies, such as general practitioners, community psychiatric and district nurses and drug agencies. It is in general practice that this burden is most clearly observed, given that general practitioners are in charge(More)
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