Pial Ganguli

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A single oral dose of 4-46 mmol calcium gluconate at pH 5-6 was administered intragastrically to 15 male volunteers without gastrointestinal disease. There was a significant rise in acid output from 30-90 minutes after the calcium was given compared with the basal hourly collection. The serum gastrin level 30 minutes after calcium administration was(More)
A total of 153 patients (124 male and 29 female) with uncomplicated chronic duodenal ulceration were studied in a prospective, randomized trial of proximal gastric vagotomy (PGV) and truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty (TVP), conducted in four Manchester hospitals. Of these, 137 patients have now been followed up for 2.5 to 5.5 (mean 4.1) yr. There have been(More)
Lower oesophageal sphincter pressure and fasting plasma gastrin and progesterone were measured in 31 women in the last trimester of pregnancy and in 10 healthy female control subjects. Eighteen of the pregnant women suffered from heartburn but 13 did not. All of the control subjects and 10 women from each of the two pregnant groups were tested for(More)
Purified human urogastrone was given by intravenous infusion to 12 normal volunteer subjects and measurements made of gastric acid, pepsin and intrinsic factor secretion, and of plasma gastrin concentration. Clinical, haematological, and biochemical screening tests were made throughout the period of study. Urogastrone inhibited acid and intrinsic factor(More)