Pia Yliräisänen-Seppänen

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Presently, educational institutions exist as complex networks of expertise that fulfil the needs of their stakeholders and respond to the challenges of a transforming society. Therefore, educational services are subject to a constant design process in co-operation with the customers and other stakeholders. Co-operation between parties is strongly related to(More)
Children recently diagnosed with diabetes type 1 require lots of information and feel scared, alone and different. Most of the existing educational material is on paper. Games with relevant learning content are mainly small minigames in English. There is a need for more material with a focus on user needs, particularly learning--by-doing material. Peer(More)
Children diagnosed with diabetes type 1 are bombarded with information and have a hard time understanding it all. Existing information material consists mostly of brochures and textbooks, giving little opportunity for testing and trial-and-error without consequences. A social platform with learning games gives the children an opportunity to experiment and(More)
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