Pia Pinholt Munksgaard

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BACKGROUND Markers for outcome prediction in bladder cancer are urgently needed. We have previously identified a molecular signature for predicting progression in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. ANXA10 was one of the markers included in the signature and we now validated the prognostic relevance of ANXA10 at the protein level. METHODS We investigated(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional clinicopathologic risk factors have failed to accurately predict the prognosis of patients with bladder cancer (BC). OBJECTIVE To evaluate karyopherin-α2 (KPNA2) expression as a progression marker in patients with non-muscle-invasive BC (NMIBC) treated by conservative methods and as a prognostic marker in patients with invasive BC(More)
Identification of urinary biomarkers for detection of bladder cancer recurrence would be beneficial to minimize the frequency of cystoscopy. Our objective was to determine the usability of urine content of mRNA in the detection and prediction of bladder cancer recurrence. We analyzed 123 prospectively cross-sectional collected urine samples from 117(More)
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