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Where malaria prospers most, human societies have prospered least. The global distribution of per-capita gross domestic product shows a striking correlation between malaria and poverty, and malaria-endemic countries also have lower rates of economic growth. There are multiple channels by which malaria impedes development, including effects on fertility,(More)
To relate stability of malaria transmission to biologic characteristics of vector mosquitoes throughout the world, we derived an index representing the contribution of regionally dominant vector mosquitoes to the force of transmission. This construct incorporated published estimates describing the proportion of blood meals taken from human hosts, daily(More)
Although the correlation between malaria and poverty is apparent, the nature of the linkages in terms of directions and mechanisms of causation is less so, and different methodologic approaches provide widely divergent perspectives concerning the impact of the disease. Certain macroeconomic studies find that in highly endemic countries, malaria may be(More)
Industrial operations in malaria-endemic regions require a cogent plan for anti-malaria interventions. INSERT MAP Industrial anti-malaria interventions should conform to certain " Best Practice " guidelines, based on substantiated epidemiological evidence. Risk of infection of the residents of the region must be minimised, and non-immune visitors should be(More)
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