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Debating Issues in Creative Programming [Bookshelf]
Crentzvzty presents different views of various software-engineering issues-particularly ones related to creative programming. Expand
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Tunneling magnetoresistive heads beyond 150 Gb/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) readers capable of 150 Gb/in/sup 2/ of areal density magnetic recording for hard disk drive were demonstrated with bit-error-rate performance. The head design used isExpand
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Software Success: Microsoft's Method [Bookshelf]
A program manager writes a spec that communicates the vision and Rochester, NY 1 4623 requirements to developers, testers, the user-docpga@cs.rit.edu umentdtion group, and marketing. Expand
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Exploring Cryptic Text Algorithms [Bookshelf]
OPTIONS. The rest of the book deals with the optional Ada features that serve as part of the annexes to the language definition, as well as with Ada's object-oriented features. Separate chaptersExpand
The New Karel is Longer and Clearer - But is it Better? [Bookshelf]
This book can be used as an introduction to Deming Management Theory. Expand
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Deep "C" Fishing [Bookshelf]
SpanninF S I N C E T H E I N V E N T I O N OF T H E C Software s language more than 25 years ago, hundreds (or is diverse it thousands,) of books have been written about C. So, why does the worldExpand
Another Yarn from the Great Storyweaver [Bookshelf]
Coke machine (page 86), a discussion of the Turing Test’s inadequacies (page 129), and “The Dead Computer Societf’ (page 328). Expand
New Ada Constructs for Concurrent Programming [Bookshelf]
" Nontechnological Issues in Software Engineering " examines the importance of people and teams to software development. As you read it, you will repeatedly say to yourself " Well, that's obvious. " Perhaps the most successful insights are those that nobody has expressed before, but everybody thinks obvious after reading them. Take, for example, " The maddening thing about teams is that they happen by themselves , but it is difficult or impossible to make them happen. Expand
Textuell makt : Fem gymnasieelever läser och skriver i svenska och samhällskunskap
The aim of this thesis was to study how five students linguistically express textual power in conversation and writing about reading, as well as to investigate their possibilities to linguisticallyExpand