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In less than half a century, allergy, originally perceived as a rare disease, has become a major public health threat, today affecting the lives of more than 60 million people in Europe, and probably close to one billion worldwide, thereby heavily impacting the budgets of public health systems. More disturbingly, its prevalence and impact are on the rise, a(More)
Curcumin has been successfully applied to treat inflammatory conditions in experimental research and in clinical trials. The purpose of our study is to evaluate the efficacy of an adjunctive-to-traditional treatment with Norflo tablets (curcumin-phosphatidylcholine complex; Meriva) administered twice a day in recurrent anterior uveitis of different(More)
A number of inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic and idiopathic disorders affect the eye and the central nervous system (CNS) concurrently or at different time frames. These conditions pose a diagnostic challenge to the clinician since they may present with similar ocular and neurological manifestations. The purpose of this review is to describe major(More)
PURPOSE To investigate, in pediatric patients, the rate and clinical features of unspecific conjunctivitis of unknown origin (UCUO) and to evaluate their relationship with air pollution. METHODS From January to December 2013, we consecutively screened all of the patients referred for symptomatic ocular surface inflammation. Inclusion criteria for this(More)
28 subjects with atherosclerotic lesions of coronary arteries were studied by means of cineventriculography both before and after IV administration of verapamil Regional wall motion has been analyzed by means of two different methods. Imporvement of regional wall motion has been demonstrated in about 65% of cases. No significant result has been achieved in(More)
Alterations in cardiovascular function induced by the acute intravenous administration of verapamil (5 or 10 mg) in 52 patients (29 with ischemic heart disease and 23 without heart disease) were evaluated with use of invasive techniques (right and left heart catheterization, left ventricular cineangiography, and coronary arteriography). The most significant(More)
The hemodynamic data obtained after rapid i.v. administration of verapamil (Isoptin) (7.5-12.5 mg) to 7 healthy subjects are presented and discussed. The drug caused an early and statistically significant increase in heart rate and output with concomitant decrease of blood pressure (mainly diatolic) and peripheral resistance. Negative inotropic effects were(More)
Conjunctival allergen provocation test (CAPT) reproduces the events occurring by instilling an allergen on the ocular surface. This paper is the compilation of a task force focussed on practical aspects of this technique based on the analysis of 131 papers. Main mechanisms involved are reviewed. Indications are diagnosing the allergen(s) triggering symptoms(More)