Pi-Fuei Hsieh

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A parametric linear feature extraction method is proposed for multiclass classification. The skeleton of the proposed method consists of two types of schemes that are complementary to each other with regard to the discriminant information used. The approximate pairwise accuracy criterion (aPAC) and the common-mean feature extraction (CMFE) are chosen to(More)
Multispectral sensors have been used to gather data about the Earth's surface since the 1960's. Data analysis methods for multispectral data with less than 20 or so spectral bands have been studied and have given satisfactory results. As opposed to such multispectral sensors, the new generation of remote sensors, referred to as hyperspectral sensors, have(More)
The pixel-based shape representation has been sensitive to rotation. In this paper, we propose a pixel-based descriptor that is invariant with rotation and scale for the hand shape recognition in Taiwanese Sign Language (TSL). Based on the property that a hand shape is characteristic of a unique pointing direction, angle normalization is used to meet the(More)