Piérri Spolti

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Triazole fungicides are used broadly for the control of infectious diseases of both humans and plants. The surge in resistance to triazoles among pathogenic populations is an emergent issue both in(More)
Standard area diagrams (SAD) have long been used as a tool to aid the estimation of plant disease severity, an essential variable in phytopathometry. Formal validation of SAD was not considered prior(More)
A greenhouse study was conducted to expand our knowledge of the disease and mycotoxin production by Fusarium graminearum (Fgra) and F. meridionale (Fmer) inoculated at post-flowering, either alone or(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that the trichothecene genotype composition of local populations of Fusarium graminearum is structured by specific habitats, a collection of 1,407 isolates was(More)
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