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The Web is the most pervasive collaborative technology in widespread use today; and its use to support eLearning has been highly successful. There are many web-based Virtual Learning Environments such as WebCT, FirstClass, and BlackBoard as well as associated web-based Managed Learning Environments. In the future, the Grid promises to provide an extremely(More)
The systemic representation and organisation of software artefacts, e.g. specifications, designs, interfaces, and implementations, resulting from the development of large distributed systems from software components have been addressed by our research within the Practitioner and AMES projects [1,2,3,4]. Without appropriate representations and organisations,(More)
We describe the construction of an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chamber and a radio frequency helical resonator for use in co-trapping atomic and molecular ions. Cleaning procedures for the in-vacuum components are provided. These procedures give positive results in cleaning copper electrodes. The thesis also provides general UHV construction techniques and(More)
Beals syndrome is an autosomal-dominant connective tissue disorder, similar in many respects to Marfan syndrome, characterized by multiple flexion contractures, arachnodactyly, severe kyphoscoliosis, abnormal pinnae, and muscular hypoplasia. This relatively new syndrome contrasted with Marfan by much less incidences of eye and heart anomalies and the(More)
There has been a long history of CASE tool development, with an underlying software repository at the heart of most systems. Usually such tools, even the more recently web-based systems, are focused on supporting individual projects within an enterprise or across a number of distributed sites. Little support for maintaining large heterogeneous collections(More)
This paper describes an environment that allows a development team to share knowledge about software artefacts by recording decisions and rationales as well as supporting the team in formulating and maintaining design constraints. It explores the use of multi-dimensional design spaces for capturing various issues arising during development and presenting(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies looking at the influence of positive circumferential margin (CRM) on survival after oesophagectomy are conflicting. This may be due to the fact that older versions of the TNM classification were used, which do not predict survival as accurately as the new 7th edition. We examine whether CRM involvement has an impact on survival(More)
A 62-year-old woman presented with ischemic pain of her lower limb on 2 occasions, without upper limb or cranial vessel involvement. She was treated with open bypass of her left lower limb when she presented with critical limb ischemia during her second admission. Although bilateral temporal artery biopsies were negative, superficial femoral artery biopsy(More)
We generate coherent ultraviolet radiation at 313 nm as the third harmonic of an external-cavity diode laser. We use this radiation for laser cooling of trapped beryllium atomic ions and sympathetic cooling of co-trapped beryllium-hydride molecular ions. An LBO crystal in an enhancement cavity generates the second harmonic, and a BBO crystal in a doubly(More)
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