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Incidence data of childhood leukaemia (CL) in Hong Kong (1984-90) have been analysed for evidence of variation between small areas. All cases (n=261) were classified by morphological cell type, with the majority (n=205) being acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), and haematological review has permitted immunophenotypic classification for 73% of these. The(More)
—Microrelays with liquid metal wetted contacts have been demonstrated using bidirectional electrothermal electromagnetic actuators. These relays were fabricated with the MetalMUMPs foundry process, which has a 20-µm-thick nickel structural layer. The operating voltage is under 0.5 V. The measured breakdown voltage and OFF-state resistance are greater than(More)
Geographical variation in the standardized years of potential life lost ratio (SYPLR) in women aged 20-74 dying from breast cancer has been mapped by local authority district in England and Wales and compared with the variation as described by the standardized mortality ratio (SMR). The geographical distribution of areas of low and high SMRs is similar to(More)
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