Phyllis Reuther

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Autonomic dysfunction is a common feature in various forms of polyradiculoneuropathy. This study investigated the kinds and frequency of of autonomic dysfunction in 106 cases. Denervation insufficiency of organs associated with supersensitivity of reflex mechanisms was found to be the best explanation of the pathophysiology. Early insertion of a transient(More)
The case histories are presented of five patients with long-diagnosed myasthenia gravis (up to 15 years) who underwent splenectomy. A precondition for the decision to operate was muscle weakness that could not be controlled with standard therapy (e.g. anticholinesterase drugs, immunosuppressive measures). After splenectomy, a considerable improvement took(More)
Many of today's applications such as cellular network management, prediction and control of the spread of biological and mobile viruses, etc., depend on the modeling and prediction of human locations. However, having widespread wireless localization technology, such as pervasive cell-tower/GPS location estimation available for only the last few years, many(More)
BACKGROUND So far, there are only few studies concerning the outcome of outpatient neurological rehabilitation in Germany. Considering the statutory obligations of quality assurance there is an urgent need of appropriate instruments to assess the rehabilitation outcome. The aim of this study was to assess the appropriateness of the Competency Rating Scale(More)
OBJECTIVE To date there is a lack of tools to measure participation and the already existing measures are not properly used as yet. In 2005 the IMET (Index zur Messung von Einschränkungen der Teilhabe) was developed and is able to measure the ICF associated construct participation as a generic instrument in chronic diseases. IMET and numerous instruments(More)
Social ties defined by phone calls made between people can be grouped to various affinity networks, such as family members, utility network, friends, coworkers, etc. An understanding of call behavior within each social affinity network and the ability to infer the type of a social tie from call patterns is invaluable for various industrial purposes. For(More)
1 The alarming increase in lethal violence among young people in the U.S.—which is often attributed to drug use and drug trafficking—has prompted re-examination of the relationship between drugs and violent offending. While no national data exist, numerous local studies find a high prevalence of homicide deaths among identified drug addicts, 2 a high(More)