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Detailed characterisation of six inbred strains of mice commonly used in transgenic and knockout research was carried out using a battery of behavioural tests (SHIRPA) followed by discriminant analysis of the data. In the primary observation screen, DBA/2 mice were relatively irritable and vocalised during handling. C57BL/6 were hyperactive as measured by(More)
Attributions made by children and their parents for the cause of the child's clinical problem were monitored during assessment interviews. Results support previously observed differences obtained through questionnaires, with parents making more attributions than their children to characteristics of the child. This pattern was affected by variations in(More)
Efficacy of a brief cognitive-affective intervention to enhance motivational readiness for participating in a psychoeducational decision-making conference was explored. Although outcomes specific to the preconference intervention were not found, findings of relevance to the hypothesized positive relationship between motivational readiness and actual(More)
Cyber-physical systems are being deployed in a wide variety of applications, creating a highly-capable infrastructure of networked " smart " systems that utilize coordinated computational and physical resources to perform complicated tasks either autonomously or in cooperation with humans. The design and testing of these systems using current methods, while(More)