Phyllis R. Nelson

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The response of a polysilicon parallel-plate electrostatic actuator to AC signals at diierent bias voltages has been measured with a laser interferometer. Using microhinges, large plates (with areas from 100m 2 to 0:1mm 2) with long thin support beams (such as 60031:5m 3) are rotated oo the surface of the substrate to form a parallel-plate capacitor.(More)
Low power wireless sensor networks provide a new monitoring and control capability for civil and military applications in transportation, manufacturing, biomedical technology, environmental management, and safety and security systems. Low power integrated CMOS systems are being developed for microsensors, signal processors, microcontrollers, communication(More)
Cyber-physical systems are being deployed in a wide variety of applications, creating a highly-capable infrastructure of networked " smart " systems that utilize coordinated computational and physical resources to perform complicated tasks either autonomously or in cooperation with humans. The design and testing of these systems using current methods, while(More)
Organic computing (OC) recognizes that the behaviors of deployed systems can be much more interesting than those predicted by simulation. By exploiting self-X properties such as self-organization, self-optimization, self-protection, and context-awareness, OC researchers are developing methods for creating robust, trustworthy systems. This paper presents two(More)
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