Phyllis L. Robertson

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The venom of Myrmecia gulosa (Myrmeciinae, Formicidae) is of a proteinaceous type and is separated by electrophoresis into eight components. The venom contains histamine, a hyaluronidase, and a direct hemolytic factor. It also shows kinin-like activity. In structure the venom apparatus is found to be massively formed internally as well as externally. It is(More)
A series of unsaturated secondary amines have been isolated from the dolichoderine antTechnomyrmex albipes (F. Smith). The major components of the mixture have been shown by spectroscopic procedures to be dinon-8-enylamine, andN-hept-6-enylnon-8-enamine, and these structural assignments have been confirmed by synthesis. Mass spectrometry indicates the(More)
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