Phyllis Goldman

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The effect of high salt intake on vascular and renomedullary prostaglandin (PG) synthesis was compared in Sprague-Dawley and salt-sensitive (S) and -resistant (R) Dahl rats. Animals were given a diet containing either 0.6% or 8% NaCl starting at 5 weeks of age, and were sacrificed 6 weeks later. Systolic blood pressure of S rats increased to 220 +/- 7 mm Hg(More)
Label-free quantitative proteomics holds a great deal of promise for the future study of both medicine and biology. However, the data generated is extremely intricate in its correlation structure, and its proper analysis is complex. There are issues with missing identifications. There are high levels of correlation between many, but not all, of the peptides(More)
Immunization and intraperitoneal challenge of DBA/2 mice with L5178Y lymphoma cells results in the suppression and maintenance of the L5178Y cells in a tumor-dormant state in the peritoneal cavity for many months. Cell-mediated immune responses involving lymphocytes and macrophages are involved in maintenance of the tumor-dormant state. Macrophages that(More)
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