Phyllis Eveleth

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  • R Obert, W Illiam Fogel, Marx Smith, Marshall, Becker, Christopher J Acito +38 others
  • 1993
Economic history has contributed significantly to the formulation of economic theory.* Among the economists who have found history an important source for their ideas are Failure to take account of history, as Simon Kuznets (1941) stressed, has often led to a misunderstanding of current economic problems by investigators who have not realized that their(More)
ISO 7250: Basic human body measurements for technological design. ISO/FDIS 15536: Computer manikins and body templates – Part 1: General requirements. ISO/DIS 15536: Computer manikins and body templates – Part 2: Verifications and validation of dimensions for computer manikin systems. A validation method for digital human anthropometry: towards the(More)
Growth is marked by changes in body shape as well as increase in body size. It is suggested that changes in body shape in childhood and adolescence be analyzed by least squares fit lines for one dimension on a second at successive ages. These are preferred during childhood to the traditional indices of anthropologists because body proportions change with(More)
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