Phyllis C. Sweeney

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This study describes an investigation of the intellectual property policies of 42 public and private Carnegie Doctoral Research – Extensive Universities. Using a policy analysis framework based on earlier work by Lape (1992) and Packard (2001), policy differences between public and private universities and policy changes across time were analyzed and(More)
Finite state control is an established technique for the implementation of intention detection and activity co-ordination levels of hierarchical control in neural prostheses, and has been used for these purposes over the last thirty years. The first finite state controllers (FSC) in the functional electrical stimulation of gait were manually crafted(More)
While university faculty members are encouraged to increase their use of online course materials, many are not aware of conventional United States copyright law regarding fair use. The technology of digital information has vastly increased the ability of individuals to copy and distribute others' work as their own. This paper investigates the prevailing(More)
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