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Fission‐Fusion Dynamics
Renewed interest in fission‐fusion dynamics is due to the recognition that such dynamics may create unique challenges for social interaction and distinctive selective pressures acting on underlyingExpand
The Genesis of Animal Play. Testing the Limits, Gordon M. Burghardt. J. Wiley, Chichester (2005), Pp. xvi+501. Price £32.95
As readers discover that play is deeply rooted in biology, yet not understandable without a mental space in the player, this book could be titled, The Paradoxes of Play. To anybody, play isExpand
Growth, weaning and maternal investment from a comparative perspective
Interspecific similarities in threshold weaning weights are suggested to result from constraints on maternal abilities to meet energetic requirements of offspring through lactation after infants attain a threshold weight. Expand
The Amboseli elephants : a long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal
The Amboseli Elephants is the long-awaited summation of what’s been learned from the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP)—the longest continuously running elephant research project in the world.Expand
The movement of African elephants in a human-dominated land-use mosaic
Land outside of gazetted protected areas is increasingly seen as important to the future of elephant persistence in Africa. However, other than inferential studies on crop raiding, very little isExpand
The impact of wildlife-related benefits on the conservation attitudes of local people around the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
Logistic regression analyses show that while access to game meat from the CWM project has had a positive influence on perceptions of wildlife benefits and awareness of the project's activities, it has had no significant effect on local perceptions of the Game Reserve and the activities of the state wildlife management authority. Expand
Early maternal investment in male and female African elephant calves
It is suggested that greater early maternal investment in male calves occurs because, in the highly-competitive polygynous mating system of elephants, size in adult male elephants is an important factor in mating success. Expand
The meanings of weaning: Growth, lactation, and life history
Hooded seal pups are suckled for a total of four days; chimpanzees and elephants sometimes are suckled for as long as eight years. This enormous range suggests considerable diversity in reproductiveExpand