Phyllis A. Katz

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This research tested the hypothesis that children's perceptions of academic competence and their personal control over school-related performance affects subsequent intrinsic interest and preference for challenge in an evaluative setting. In a correlational study, children's self-reported perceptions of academic competence and personal control were found to(More)
The author discusses how negative racial attitudes originate. First, she looks globally at how various theories have attempted to explain the origins of racism. Second, she reviews some research on this topic that she and her colleagues have completed with very young children. Both the theories and the studies have ramifications for how psychologists might(More)
The present study examined the correlates of variability in children's gender-role preferences. A multidimensional test battery assessed the traditionality of preferences of 376 kindergarten and third grade children in five different gender role domains, and elicited information about three significant socialization agents (parents, peers, and media).(More)
Visual pursuit was used in studying the ability of newborn infants to discriminate levels of contrast. Ratings of the degree of eye and head following were made as subjects pursued facial targets which varied in terms of the degree fo figure-gound contrast and te degree of contrast internal to the figure as defined by the presence of contrast such that the(More)