Phyllida Brown

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WHO estimates that about one million people kill themselves every year — a toll comparable to that of malaria. Worse, on present trends, WHO expects the number to climb to about 1.5 million by 2020. Even politicians are starting to accept that suicide is not just a private issue. ‘‘Suicide is being talked about,’’ says Dr Michael Phillips, director of the(More)
Nabarro, the senior WHO official appointed by the UN and the World Bank to help prepare the health side of Iraq’s needs assessment for Madrid. Building a health system virtually from scratch is a formidable challenge amid continued violence, tension and uncertainty and is expected to cost billions. WHO has already helped Afghanistan, East Timor and, many(More)
This article discusses the debate between the media and the public health community over the publication of vaccine safety stories. In general, the contribution of the media to increasing parents' awareness of the dangers of vaccination, which Brian Ward mentioned in his paper, can be seen in a positive light. However, it is noted that in the aftermath of(More)