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Keywords: Fluid–structure interaction Impulsive loading Underwater explosion High strength steels TRIP steel Necking Dynamic fracture a b s t r a c t Martensitic and austenitic steel alloys were designed to optimize the performance of structures subjected to impulsive loads. The deformation and fracture characteristics of the designed steel alloys were(More)
We present an analytical investigation of a test protocol recently developed to extract the fracture toughness of thin films used in microelectronics and other engineering applications. The testing method involves the dynamic delamination of patterned thin films initiated by a laser-induced pressure pulse applied on the backside of the substrate. The(More)
Keywords: Finite element analysis Fluid–structure interaction Composite failure Underwater blast Delamination Foam compaction a b s t r a c t Designing lightweight high-performance materials that can sustain high impulsive loadings is of great interest for marine applications. In this study, a finite element fluid–structure interaction model was developed(More)
Would you agree that a program manager, whose system meets performance requirements, is on schedule and within budget, is in good shape? If your answer is " yes, " you might be wrong if the system isn't interoperable with its surrounding systems or networks. Sharing Information – " They Should Have Known " Whenever the public is made aware of an apparent(More)
Adhesive failure and the attendant delamination of a thin film on a substrate is controlled by the fracture energy required to propagate a crack along the interface. Numerous testing protocols have been introduced to characterize this critical property, but are limited by difficulties associated with applying precise loads, introducing well-defined(More)
In this study, the population pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis of rebamipide (Reba) in healthy male Korean subjects was analyzed using the nonlinear mixed effects modeling method. The possible effects of physiological covariates and the multidrug resistance (MDR1) gene 3435C>T polymorphism on PK parameters were also investigated. Data were collected from a(More)
A high-throughput process was developed in which wells in plates generated from parallel synthesis are automatically channeled to an appropriate purification technique using analytical data as a guide. Samples are directed to either of three fundamentally different preparative techniques: HPLC with UV-triggered fraction collection, supercritical fluid(More)
Some industry observers and medical professionals, and even the popular media, assert that pharmaceutical companies are conducting an increasing number of clinical trials in countries outside the more established geographies of North America and Western Europe as a way to minimize costs, speed clinical trial completion and reduce regulatory oversight. This(More)