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In this paper we study the combination of object-oriented and formal methods and more specifically the mapping of object models, that are used in business information system development methods, into the formal specification language of the B method. We retain as the starting point of our study a common core of object concepts accepted by most of the(More)
In this paper, we present a system that automatically extracts lexicalized tree adjoining grammars (LTAG) from treebanks. We first discuss in detail extraction algorithms and compare them to previous works. We then report the first LTAG extraction result for Vietnamese, using a recently released Vietnamese treebank. The implementation of an open source and(More)
Current home networking technologies such as UPNP, Jini and HAVi, only focus on connecting devices electronically in a variety of different forms that allow simple device interactions. The result is that devices act in incompatible islands, making their use confusing to users and a nightmare for application developers. To realize a smart home environment,(More)
BACKGROUND A great deal of data has accumulated on signalling pathways. These large datasets are thought to contain much implicit information on their molecular structure, interaction and activity information, which provides a picture of intricate molecular networks believed to underlie biological functions. While tremendous advances have been made in(More)
We formulate semantic parsing as a parsing problem on a synchronous context free grammar (SCFG) which is automatically built on the corpus of natural language sentences and the representation of semantic outputs. We then present an online learning framework for estimating the synchronous SCFG grammar. In addition, our online learning methods for semantic(More)
Likeinany distributed community systems, communication in Multi-Agent System (MAS) plays an important role. Communication helps agents share knowledge and cooperate. Agent communication may present at various forms; it can be the exchange of comprehensible messages, arequest to perform an action, or cooperation negotiation. Agent communication has common(More)
The Web of Data has been introduced as a novel scheme for imposing structured data on the Web. This renders data easily understandable by human beings and seamlessly processable by machines at the same time. The recent boom in Linked Data facilitates a new stream of data-intensive applications that leverage the knowledge available in semantic datasets such(More)