Phuong Quang

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We investigated the cannabinoid receptor (CBr) agonists Win55,212-2 (non-selective) and AM1241 (CBr2 selective) and the peripheral receptor (CBr1) in carcinoma-induced pain using a mouse model. Tumors were induced in the hind paw of female mice by local injection of a human oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Significant pain, as indicated by reduction in(More)
Noxious (i.e. painful) stimulation in the rat induces profound heterosegmental antinociception as demonstrated by the ability of either thermal stimulation (50 degrees C water) or subdermal capsaicin injection in the hindpaw to attenuate the nociceptive trigeminal jaw-opening reflex. Importantly, noxious stimulus-induced antinociception (NSIA) is mediated(More)
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