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BACKGROUND Recent advances in massively parallel sequencing have increased the depth at which T cell receptor (TCR) repertoires can be probed by >3log10, allowing for saturation sequencing of immune repertoires. The resolution of this sequencing is dependent on its accuracy, and direct assessments of the errors formed during high throughput repertoire(More)
A high quality hierarchical organization of the concepts in a dataset at different levels of granularity has many valuable applications such as search, summarization, and content browsing. In this paper we propose an algorithm for recursively constructing a hierarchy of topics from a collection of content-representative documents. We characterize each topic(More)
In this paper we present a framework for forming interests-based Peer-to-Peer communities using client-side web browsing history. At the heart of this framework is the use of an order statistics-based approach to build communities with hierarchical structure. We have also carefully considered privacy concerns of the peers and adopted cryptographic protocols(More)
We define a new NP search problem, the " local improvement " principle , about labellings of an acyclic, bounded-degree graph. We show that, provably in PV, it characterizes the ∀Σ b 1 consequences of V 1 2 and that natural restrictions of it characterize the ∀Σ b 1 consequences of U 1 2 and of the bounded arithmetic hierarchy. We also show that over V 0 it(More)
  • Maria Z. Kounnas, Anne M. Danks, Soan Cheng, Curtis Tyree, Elizabeth Ackerman, Xulun Zhang +15 others
  • 2010
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized pathologically by the abundance of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. We synthesized over 1200 novel gamma-secretase modulator (GSM) compounds that reduced Abeta(42) levels without inhibiting epsilon-site cleavage of APP and Notch, the generation of the APP and Notch intracellular domains,(More)
— The specific choice of workload task schedulers for Hadoop MapReduce applications can have a dramatic effect on job workload latency. The Hadoop Fair Scheduler (FairS) assigns resources to jobs such that all jobs get, on average, an equal share of resources over time. Thus, it addresses the problem with a FIFO scheduler when short jobs have to wait for(More)
We consider an agent interacting with an environment in a single stream of actions, observations , and rewards, with no reset. This process is not assumed to be a Markov Decision Process (MDP). Rather, the agent has several representations (mapping histories of past interactions to a discrete state space) of the environment with unknown dynamics, only some(More)