Phuong-Lan Nguyen

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The application of nanotechnology in biological research is beginning to have a major impact leading to the development of new types of tools for human health. One focus of nanobiotechnology is the development of nanoparticle-based formulations for use in drug or gene delivery systems. However most of the nano probes currently in use have varying levels of(More)
Representation sharing can reduce the memory footprint of a program by sharing one representation between duplicate terms. The most common implementation of representation sharing in functional programming systems is known as hash-consing. In the context of Prolog, representation sharing has been given little attention. Some current techniques that deal(More)
The TOAM reuses eagerly allocated stack frames, while the WAM avoids to allocate environments. This is investigated by using the tak/4 benchmark as an inital case study for better understanding what one can expect from environment reuse for deterministic predicates in the WAM. Additionally, artificial programs are used to amplify the findings. The(More)
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