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Bounded Reverse Mathematics 2008 First we provide a unified framework for developing theories of Bounded Arithmetic that are associated with uniform classes inside polytime (P) in the same way that Buss's theory S 1 2 is associated with P. We obtain finitely axiomatized theories many of which turn out to be equivalent to a number of existing systems. By(More)
We introduce a finitely axiomatizable second-order theory, which is VTC/sup 0/ associated with the class FO-uniform TC/sup 0/. It consists of the base theory V/sup 0/ for AC/sup 0/ reasoning together with the axiom NUMONES, which states the existence of a "counting array" Y for any string X: the ith row of Y contains only the number of 1 bits up to(More)
As being known, it is difficult for the activated sludge wastewater treatment process to be controlled due to its complex, time-varying and non-linear behavior. During this process, the control of the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in the reactors is very essential in the operation of the facility. In addition to evaluating some controllers for DO such(More)
Active Queue Management algorithms (AQM) are setup in routers on telecommunication networks in order to provide a mechanism to mark or discard packets in an appropriate way so as not to cause congestion on network and maintain the best quality of services with different traffic flows. Previous methods of AQM are designed with fixed parameters so It should(More)