Phuong Dao-Ung

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The P2X(7) receptor is a ligand-gated cation-selective channel that mediates ATP-induced apoptosis of cells of the immune system. We and others have shown that P2X(7) is nonfunctional both in lymphocytes and monocytes from some subjects. To study a possible genetic basis we sequenced DNA coding for the carboxyl-terminal tail of P2X(7). In 9 of 45 normal(More)
P2X7 is a ligand-gated ion channel which is activated by ATP and displays secondary permeability characteristics. The mechanism of development of the secondary permeability pathway is currently unclear, although a role for the hemichannel protein pannexin-1 has been suggested. In this study we investigated the role of pannexin-1 in P2X7-induced dye uptake(More)
P2X7 receptor (P2X7) activity may link inflammation to depressive disorders. Genetic variants of human P2X7 have been linked with major depression and bipolar disorders, and the P2X7 knockout mouse has been shown to exhibit anti-depressive-like behaviour. P2X7 is an ATP-gated ion channel and is a major regulator of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin(More)
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