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H-2 haplotype differences distinguish the related C57BL/KsJ (BKs) and C57BL/6J (B6) inbred strains. BKs mice are more susceptible to diabetes induction by a recessive obesity gene, diabetes (db), or by multi-dose streptozotocin (MSZ) administration. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the H-2 differences were the important genetic background(More)
Uniform and large-area synthesis of bulk insulating ultrathin films is an important subject toward applications of a surface of three-dimensional topological insulators (3D-TIs) in various electronic devices. Here we report epitaxial growth of bulk insulating three-dimensional topological insulator (3D-TI) Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey (BSTS) ultrathin films, ranging(More)
The structure of dehydro-oogoniol (3 beta,11 alpha,15 beta,29-tetrahydroxystigmasta-5,24(28)(E)-dien-7-one), a female-activating hormone of the water mold Achlya, has been confirmed by synthesis. The starting material was progesterone, which was converted to the 11 alpha, 15 beta-dihydroxy derivative by microbiological hydroxylation with Aspergillus(More)
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