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In this paper, we propose a secure account-based payment protocol which is suitable for wireless networks. The proposed protocol employs symmetric-key operations which require lower computation at all engaging parties than existing payment protocols. The proposed protocol also satisfies transaction security properties provided by public-key based payment(More)
As the Internet becoming popular, many sectors such as banking and other financial institutions are adopting e-services and improving their Internet services. However, the e-service requirements are also opening up new opportunity to commit financial fraud. Internet banking fraud is one of the most serious electronic crimes (e-crimes) and mostly committed(More)
The present work deals with a new symmetric key cryptographic method using dynamic key. The demand for adequate security to electronic data system grows high over the decades. In the present work the authors have used the Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) for generating key. This is a block cipher technique. The advantage of the present method is that for(More)
The inherent limitations of mobile devices (MD) increase the gap between security and performance, and this gap increases with the growing heterogeneity of computing environments. As we are moving to the 4G network and Mobile Internet, there will be a need to deliver an intelligence tradeoff between security and performance. The main aim of this paper is to(More)
In the present work, a block cipher is presented which deals with a dynamic symmetric key cryptographic method using substitution and transposition technique. In this work a dynamic secret key is generated using Linear Congruential Generator (LCG). The striking feature of the present work is creation of a new secret key for every pair of encryption and(More)
Authentication is the most important component to protect information system from unauthorized access. Because mobile devices have resource limitations, current existing authentication methods experience security, efficiency, flexibility and scalability problems in wireless network services. Although many access control methods utilize both individuals and(More)
Threat classification is extremely important for organizations, as it is an important step towards implementation of information security. Most of the existing threat classifications listed threats in static ways without linking threats to information system areas. The aim of this paper is to design a methodology that can classify deliberate threats in a(More)
Accountability is one of the most important security properties of electronic commerce (e-commerce) protocols. It can be used to resolve disputes among involved parties. Several formal logics were proposed to analyze this property. However, they lack of reasoning about the accountability of symmetric cryptography which is necessary for analyzing mobile(More)