Phoom Sagetong

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We introduce a novel Rate-Distortion (RD) model for images coded with a progressive wavelet coder, such as SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) 111 or JPEGZOOO [2[. and especially designed to capture RD behavior when different parts of an image are refined at different speeds. Our model is an extension of Mallat's model 131. which takes into(More)
† This work was done as part of a visit to USC funded by FSE European Community ABSTRACT In this work we tackle the problem of error propagation that packet losses can cause in commonly used predictive video coding environments. Using Unbalanced Multiple Description Coding (UMDC) to generate redundant source data, we apply the Consistency Sequence(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient scheme to transport video over wireless networks, specifically cdma2000® 1x. Speech transmission over cdma2000® uses a variable rate voice coder (vocoder) over a channel with multiple fixed rates. We apply these ideas to compressed video transmission over wireless IP networks. Explicit Bit Rate (EBR) video(More)
We address the problem of allocating bits to the different regions in an image coded with a progressive wavelet coder such as SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) [1]. This type of problem appears in applications such as Region of Interest (ROI) coding or Multiple Description Coding (MDC). The wavelet coefficients in both cases are divided by(More)
We describe an integrated system for intelligent compression and transmission of copious data acquired by spaceborne instruments. At its core, our system contains a modification of a progressive image compression algorithm, ICER, that will be used on the Mars Exploration Rovers (to be launched in 2003). The ICER algorithm applies a wavelet decomposition and(More)
As international standards (the latest examples being MPEG-4 and JPEG 2000) continue to be developed and provide widely adopted solutions for media communications, some of the most important research problems in multimedia compression are becoming those where pure compression performance is not the main requirement. Instead, in this project we are focusing(More)
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