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We are proposing an extension of the recur-sive neural network that makes use of a variant of the long short-term memory architecture. The extension allows information low in parse trees to be stored in a memory register (the 'memory cell') and used much later higher up in the parse tree. This provides a solution to the vanishing gradient problem and allows(More)
We propose the first implementation of an infinite-order generative dependency model. The model is based on a new recursive neural network architecture, the Inside-Outside Recursive Neural Network. This architecture allows information to flow not only bottom-up, as in traditional recursive neural networks, but also top-down. This is achieved by computing(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of how to use semantics to improve syntactic parsing, by using a hybrid reranking method: a k-best list generated by a symbolic parser is reranked based on parse-correctness scores given by a composi-tional, connectionist classifier. This classi-fier uses a recursive neural network to construct vector representations(More)
According to the principle of composi-tionality, the meaning of a sentence is computed from the meaning of its parts and the way they are syntactically combined. In practice, however, the syntactic structure is computed by automatic parsers which are far-from-perfect and not tuned to the specifics of the task. Current re-cursive neural network (RNN)(More)
Recommender systems provide personalized suggestions about items that users will nd interesting. Typically, recom-mender systems require a user interface that can \intelli-gently" determine the interest of a user and use this information to make suggestions. The common solution, \ex-plicit ratings", where users tell the system what they think about a piece(More)
We introduce an LSTM-based method for dynamically integrating several word-prediction experts to obtain a conditional language model which can be good simultaneously at several subtasks. We illustrate this general approach with an application to dialogue where we integrate a neural chat model, good at conversational aspects, with a neural question-answering(More)