Phong H. Nguyen

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We describe and demonstrate an extensible framework that supports data exploration and provenance in the context of Human Terrain Analysis (HTA). Working closely with defence analysts we extract requirements and a list of features that characterise data analysed at the end of the HTA chain. From these, we select an appropriate non-classified data source(More)
Sensemaking is described as the process of comprehension, finding meaning and gaining insight from information, producing new knowledge and informing further action. Understanding the sensemaking process allows building effective visual analytics tools to make sense of large and complex datasets. Currently, it is often a manual and time-consuming(More)
Sensemaking is a process of finding meaning from information that often involves activities such as information foraging and hypothesis generation. It can be valuable to maintain a history of the data and reasoning involved. This history, commonly known as provenance information, can be a resource for "reflection-in-action"' during analysis, supporting(More)
Timeline visualization is an important tool for sense making. It allows analysts to examine information in chronological order and to identify temporal patterns and relationships. However, many existing timeline visualization methods are not designed for the dynamic and iterative nature of the sense making process and the various analysis activities it(More)
This paper discusses historical and technical events in the U.S. and Europe over the last few years that are aimed at modernizing the electric power grid. The U.S. federal government has ratified the “smart grid initiative” as the official policy for modernizing the electricity grid including unprecedented provisions for timely information and(More)
Socio-economical and technological developments have prompted electric power systems to move forward to an era of Smart Grids. This mainstream concept has a strong interdisciplinary nature by using state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), power electronics, and control systems. Modeling and simulation(More)
POLAR is an experimental test-bed visualisation tool for Patterns of Life analysis, developed on the basis of knowledge elicitation with stakeholders. It uses multiple and coordinated views for exploring geo-temporal datasets. The system has three modes of interaction for addressing different kinds of PoL questions. It supports the exploration of movement(More)
Information officers and network administrators require tools to help them achieve situation awareness about potential network threats. We describe a response to mini-challenge 1 of the 2012 IEEE VAST challenge in which we developed a visual analytic solution to a network security situation awareness problem. To support conceptual design, we conducted a(More)